Ready The Launchpad – The Starting Point

May 7th, 2019
2:30pm – 5:30pm
Bradburry Estate Studio
1160 Blair Road
Burlington, ON L7M 1K9

This workshop has been designed to take small business owners, and entrepreneurs to the next level. We would be looking into what business owners need in place for their company to grow successfully to the next level, and entrepreneurs need to launch. Develop the right tools, whether you are getting ready to launch you business, or campaign, or whether you have been in business and are looking to take your small business to the next level that can be referred to regularly to ensure the business meets goals, sales targets or operational milestones.

Workshop Agenda

  • Strategy and EcoSystems (what are my key challenges)
  • Growth Plan and Objectives
  • Optimize You
  • Resources
  • Anticipating and Overcoming Challenges
  • What is your business/idea worth

Attendees will leave the workshop understanding the tools to help achieve their goals, a practical way of achieving tangible outcomes, clear marketing direction or approach with an understanding of what internal & external resources they need in place to grow, including social channels. You will leave with the mindset to make this growth happen.

The workshops are designed to maximize the attendees learning capabilities. We use four learning principles in the workshop: Presentations by experts in their field, our Ready The LaunchPad Workbooks, peer to peer learning, key interactive questions.

Starting Point Workshop


sherri lojzer

Sherri Lojzer is a Certified Professional Coach who has been providing coaching services for the past 25 years.  She is also aCertified Applied Neuroscience Coach, Certified Corporate Trainer, Certified Enneagram In Business, and a Certified Mindfulness Practitioner.

From an educational standpoint, Sherri knows how your brain works and why it got that way, then helps through coaching, her customers to understand it.  She helps to determine what wiring needs to be adjusted and help clients  develop the strategies to achieve goals.  Your personal behaviors are what directly determine your professional success.

elizabeth lorenzin

Elizabeth has been a practitioner of market research and facilitation for over 20 years. She is the owner of Lorenzin Research and has previously held senior positions in international market research firms.

Elizabeth completed a Master of Arts and while pursuing a PhD at the University of Toronto, she collaborated with her colleague, Dr. Sandra Burt, in the publication of “Taking the Women’s Movement to Queen’s Park: Women’s Issues and the New Democratic Government of Ontario“, published by Harcourt Brace.

ivan sutton

Ivan Sutton is the creative director at MiAgency Inc., located in Hamilton, Ontario.  Over the past sixteen years Ivan has led creative and strategic teams working in  physical and digital marketing in Alberta and Ontario serving customers across the United States and Canada. His overarching philosophy: to make beautifully simple content and design to help businesses tell their stores and achieve their strategic goals.